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Released: Nov 17, 2009
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Release Notes

MODULE: DotNetNuke.Modules.Gallery (MediaGallery) Module

Version: 04.03.00
Minimum DNN Version: 04.09.03

Known Issues

ASP.Net 4.0 and/or DotNetNuke 5.05.00 and later: NOT compatible. Use 04.03.02 BETA release instead

XHTML: This version of the Gallery Module is not 100% XHTML compliant. Remaining issues are scheduled to be fixed in the next release.

WEBFARM Support: Some cache issues may arise when Gallery is used in a webfarm. We have not been able to test the scenario and it is not recommended to use the module in a production environment where DotNetNuke is installed in a webfarm.

TIMEOUT ON FIRST VISIT AFTER INSTALL: Upon visiting a pre-existing v 3 Gallery module for the first time following an upgrade to version 04.03.00, the user may experience a timeout if the existing Gallery contains a large number of image files. This is due to the new version's need to add entries for each image (source, preview and thumb) contained in the Gallery to the DNN core Files table. As part of that addition process, the dimensions of each image need to be determined from the bitmapped data contained in the file - an expensive operation in terms of processing time. The work around is to increase the value of the executionTimeout attribute in the httpRuntime section of the site's web.config from its default 110 seconds to a significantly large value prior to the upgrade. Following the upgrade, the value may be returned to its previous or default setting.

What's new in this version
There have been more than 120 issues addressed in this version of the DotNetNuke Gallery Module. The most relevant ones are detailed in the release notes included in the package.

Gallery had problems when the day and month part of a date where saved/displayed differently. For example, when a Gallery owner added a file with a creation date in the dd/mm/yyyy format and a visitor used a mm/dd/yyyy format, an error would be caused if the date was higher than 12. Now the module prevents the error from being raised.

Gallery now supports the use of portals with different aliases. When a portal is moved from staging to production, the URL changes will
be appropriately handled.

Informative messages are now shown when users attempt to upload files that exceed limits set by the Gallery Owner.
When uploading multiple items, the Pending Files list will take into account the remaining quota space as well as the portal storage limits.
This is true even when the items are part of a compressed zip file, in such case the correct calculations are performed in order to keep from exceeding either limit.

Gallery now fully supports using Dotnetnuke Friendly URLs.

Although the Gallery is not yet 100% XHTML compliant, great strides have been made in that area. This has included replacement of the SolPart Menu with the DNN Menu and proper HTML markup rendering of Flash and media player objects so that these media files may be shown in FireFox, Safari and Opera browsers.

As of this writing, Gallery installs and runs without issues in Dotnetnuke 5.00.00 - 5.4.4 running under ASP.Net 3.5 SP1.

Gallery now provides for the first time full localization support. This includes the Download Roles and Owner LookupControl, File Categories and all Popups and Administration and Editing screens.

User input is now verified/sanitized in all apropriate places to prevent scripting hacks.

A large number of security vulnerabilities have been closed, particularly in the replacement of the module's Download.aspx download handler with the core LinkClick.aspx Linkclick/download handler. For that reason alone it

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by jackybk on Oct 29, 2010 at 6:17 PM
Hi There, i was trying to copy the source and put in my local dnn site.But i was making a mistake of open it from Solution file instead of Project File. I almost spent one day figuring out why i was facing problems with Namespace. Hope this helps other who make same mistake like me. Thanks Madhu
by mady1380 on Jul 29, 2010 at 9:23 AM