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Controls folder not deleted on uninstall


The controls folder did not deleted on uninstall Gallery 4.3.3


imagemaker wrote Jan 25, 2011 at 9:02 PM

Although I can intermittantly reproduce this issue (sometimes with the control folder, sometimes with other folders), I believe it is an issue with the DotNetNuke installer/uninstaller rather than Gallery which has no control over the uninstall. All files within the folder are getting deleted on uninstall. It appears to be a file/folder locking issue. If one visits the Gallery module then immediately goes to Host-->Extensions or Host-->Module Definitions (pre-DNN 5.x) and uninstalls the module, one of the child folders under Desktop/Gallery is likely to miss being deleted. If one following an application start up immediately uninstalls the module without first going to a page containing the module, the uninstall removes all Gallery folders. I have seen this behavior when uninstalling other modules.

I would mark this "Won't Fix" if we had that option.

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