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Released: Dec 20, 2010
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Release Notes

No changes from 4.03.03 RC2 and as of 1-24-2011 has passed DNN Release Tracker testing to become offical release.

Minimum DotNetNuke Version: 04.09.03

The following bug fixes are included in this release:
  • Use of the exclamation mark character (!) in the name of a child album causes files added to that album to actually be added to the parent album and prevents the album from being edited. Since the exclamation mark is being used in legacy code as a replacement for the forward slash character in urls containing the path parameter, the exclamation mark must be excluded from album names. Added "!" as one of the invalid characters in the regex used to validate child album names both client and server side.
  • When a site containing a Gallery module is migrated to a different url or supports multiple portal aliases for the same portal, the gallery RootURL becomes invalid as it is stored as an absolute url including the domain name. Although the now invalid RootURL can easily be changed in the module settings to accommodate such migration or use of different portal aliases it should be stored in ModuleSettings relative to the portal's home directory. Updated settings control and configuration class to use and store home directory relative RootURL and implemented IUpgradable to modify value of this setting for all Gallery modules at the time of upgrade to this version.
  • When a gallery album has more than 5 pages, the insertion of "..." in the pager is inconsistent often resulting in two sets of "..." appearing side by side. Modified pager rendering code to insert "..." more appropriately.
  • Removed excessive vertical spacing between album cover thumbnail its title that would contain rating stars if this were a file not album.
The following enhancements are included in this version:
  • For SEO purposes the title of the media item is now displayed in the browser title bar, i.e. added into the HTML <head><title></title></head> tag of the page, in both in-line and pop-up mode of the image viewer, media viewer, flash viewer, and slideshow viewer. As the slideshow viewer advances through its images, the browser title bar is updated to display the current image title.
  • For SEO purposes the path to the currently selected child album being displayed in the gallery thumbnail view (Standard, List, and Card views) is displayed in the browser title bar.
  • In prior versions, selecting "Slideshow" from the context menu of either the album cover or of any image thumbnail in the album would always start the slideshow with the first image contained in the album. Modified slideshow to start with the first image being that of the thumbnail image whose context menu was open when clicking "Slideshow". Order of images displayed in the slideshow now respects sort order and direction.
  • When changing to a different view or sort order/direction, prior versions resulted in a redirection to the first page of the top level gallery. Modified code to redirect to the first page of the current album rather than that of the top level album.
  • Due to some extensive code changes involved in implementation of the above, we took the opportunity to refactor code to use strongly typed generic lists rather than untyped arraylists for storage of gallery lists such as BrowsableItems, MediaItems, IconItems, FlashItems, SortList resulting in the removal of 100's of explicit type casts using CType.
  • Added new configuration setting for JPEG image compression (Encoder.Quality) used when saving images that were resized upon upload or later manipulated using the image viewer/editor. In prior versions, the default GDI+ Encoder.Quality of 70 resulted in compressed images with many artifacts. The new setting defaults to an Encoder.Quality of 80.

This 04.03.03 version includes fixes and enhancements of the 04.03.01 and 04.03.02 Betas which primarily addressed showstopper issues of version 04.03.00 when run under ASP.Net 4.0 and/or DotNetNuke 05.05.00 or later.

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