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04.03.02 Beta

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Released: Sep 15, 2010
Updated: Sep 16, 2010 by imagemaker
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Release Notes

This BETA release fixes the following issues in Gallery 04.03.00 and includes the fixes for ASP.Net 4.0 compatibility in the never officially released Gallery 04.03.01 RC:

Version 04.03.02

The following issues pertaining to running under DNN 5.5.x and later as well as fixes for several other minor issues are addressed:
  1. Duplicate key violation in table Folders logged upon each application restart or Gallery cache rebuilt due to change in behavior of core AddFolder method in DNN 5.05.00.
  2. Failure to add child album due to same exception as #1 above.
  3. The number of icon and watermark files was being included in the unapproved file count
  4. The number of unapproved files is now displayed only for the admin user and gallery/album owner.
  5. When running under medium trust an exception was being logged the configuration control was accessing information in the system.web/httpRuntime node of the web.config
  6. Unchecking all entries in the Text Display checkbox list of the configuration page would revert back to displaying the Name field. Also added options for hiding/displaying the Size, Title, Description fields and refactored code to more efficiently use a bit-mapped enum rather than an array list of strings when determining what fields to display as the gallery is rendered.
  7. Added .jpeg (as alternative to .jpg) extension to allowable image file extensions.
  8. Added .mp4 and .m4v to allowable movie file extensions and added support for playback of both formats (using QuickTime plug-in) in ControlMedia.ascx. NOTE: If you allow .mp4 and .m4v as a movie file extension, you MUST also add their respective mime types to IIS configuration: .mp4 = "video/mp4" and .mv4 = "video/x-mv4.
  9. Comma in filename results in broken thumbnail image as the comma character is not properly encoded (to '%2C') when using UrlEncode. Must replace comma with escape code manually.
  10. View and Sort drop-down list controls located in top row of gallery container would wrap to next line when viewed in Google Chrome.
  11. When host had specified a portal space limit of greater than 2 GB, an arithmatic overflow exception was thrown on any attempt to upload a file to the Gallery. Fixed by explicit cast of operands in formular used to calculate available space to long integers.
  12. Child album names including unicode characters (umlauts, etc.) could be added to gallery album without error but when adding a file to such an album and performing other file edit/maintenance operations, the file would be added to the parent of the child album.
  13. Maximum File Size help icon and help text was not being displayed due to misspelling in the localization key.
  14. Adjusted gallery rendering code in Standard view and css stylesheets of all themes to collapse space reserved for borders around each thumbnail when the theame did not define a border in the theme's stylesheet.
  15. Adjusted thumbnail image alignment via css change in Standard view to better center image within the thumbnail border.
  16. Because of project teams plan to no longer support the 4.x line of Gallery module after the 04.03.02 release and the development of a Gallery 5 being designed and built from scratch, no fixes relating to lack of 100% XHTML compliancy are included in this release. Major areas of non-compliance are in-line style attributes being applied as gallery controls are rendered in custom server control code.
  17. Updated copyright date of all files.

Version 04.03.01

The following issues pertaining to running under ASP.Net 4.0 in DNN 5.4.x are addressed:
  1. Invalid (and unnecessary) assembly:tagPrefix in Views\ControlTemplateList.vb causing failure of DNN 5.4 installation.
  2. Missing closing quote of inline style in Settings.ascx causing parse exception when opening Configuration.
  3. Missing single quotes around urls in src attribute in Utilities.vb causing opening of Album Edit/File Upload parse exception.
  4. Misspelling of style

Note that the minimum DotNetNuke version for Gallery 4.03.02 is 4.09.03

Reviews for this release

Excellent update. Slick design, all features we could imagine. If only the Popups of photos could be "lightboxed" . Thanks
by zaratustra on Sep 16, 2010 at 6:42 PM